A Casemaker anthology with the working title Case Based Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century is published by Libri Publishing.

The anthology comprises chapters authored by an international panel of 25 expert practitioners in case based teaching and learning. Their experiences and insights span from traditional to innovative types of case based learning, some enabled by information and communications technologies and some focusing on face-to-face interactions. Accordingly the anthology looks beyond the much-admired  Harvard approach to offer a predominantly European perspective in the area of case based teaching.

The book is available as a free ebook (pdf) of approximately 275 pages together with a collected bibliography which provides a very comprehensive review of the subject area. Readers can also obtain a hard copy by purchasing one from Libri Publishing’s website,

The ebook also contains as an appendix the User Manual for the freely available Casemaker platform for supporting and enhancing case based teaching and learning. This User Manual is also offered as a free standalone version (pdf).